Stock Photos Guide

The Different Types of Stock Images And Their Uses


If you are a website designer, wedding planner, decorator, or artist, then you might have heard about stock photography or stock images. At present, most businesses use high definition and creative images to represent or make their businesses look appealing. And one way of doing so is by using stock images provided by stock agencies or websites that feature images ranging from graphics to professional photographs and templates. But not all images are totally free since these images are uploaded by different professionals or amateurs. Stock images can either be free or have restrictions and require payment before using depending on the owner of the images. Restrictions can either be the time of usage, location, price, and others depending on the terms of usage by the owner.


Below are types of stock images offered by stock agencies:


1. Public Domain Images - public domain images are free, which means that there is no payment required. You can use these images for different types of purposes such as personal or commercial. You can reproduce them or use them as logos without worrying about restrictions such as getting license for using the images.


2.Rights Managed Images - rights managed images are not totally free and have different restrictions depending on the stock agency or the owner of the image. Some pictures may only be used at a limited time, some may only be used at a certain geographical location, or some may only be used if the author or owner is given credit. To understand more about stock photography, visit


3.Royalty Free Images - royalty-free images are images that can be used without restrictions after paying for it once. These images are also called premium stock images. You can obtain the license for the image after paying for it.


4.Extended License - these extend the facilities or the features of the cheap stock pictures you buy. This is the most expensive option. Some facilities offered by different stock agencies may include:


- Selling it to other clients.

- Add on features such as extra images or different color schemes for the same image.

- You can credit the owner in order to remove it from the market .


By using these types of stock motion photography, you will be able to boost your business, even your personal projects. If you own an online business, using these images can really help boost your business by bringing in more customers. You can also use these images for personal purposes like school projects, wedding invitations, decorations, and more.